Dar Dalia

DAR DALIA is a high-end, limited edition ladies foot wear brand that combines the distinctive Italian leather and workmanship, with one of a kind, handmade accessories, creating a truly unique pair of shoes.
As all the accessories are handmade, each pair of shoes is considered a bespoke work of art, making each woman feel truly special.
The founder, Dalia El-Rass, is born & raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. As an Interior designer, travelling has always been a great source of inspiration to spark Dalia’s creativity. Every journey has helped her experience wonderful architecture, design and various traditions which she carefully adopted and reflected in her daily life.
Dalia has always carried a great passion for oriental-inspired fashion (and a great pair of shoes always made her happy).
After years of hard work, the first collection "Dreaming of Morocco" was released early 2019 and found great success. DAR DALIA was recently featured in Vogue Arabia Magazine, and the exquisite Casabalnca heel was selected by Queen Rania of Jordan for a private event. A new collection is coming your way Spring 2021