Dusala Kashmir

Dusala has been at the helm of handicrafting the finest shawls, stoles and scarfs. All out garments are produced with only the purest fibres to offer luxurious finish and exquisite workmanship.                  

Our vision is to demonstrate the pashmina journey through a Modern lens. with the most dedication and motivation to offer quality product to its customer. New innovative designs in shawls and garments has been introduced to match he international trends and taste.                                                                                                                                                                 

CRAFTSMANSHIP is our deep ties with the weavers of India and an in-depth understanding of the craft, the Pashmina has rediscovered its glory. And as its repute grows,so does the respect for the craft, ensuring a better livelihood for the craftsman. Our close connection with this community is the seed of our success and we have been sensitively and organically collaborating with them on this journey.