"El Camino al Inframundo"


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Artist: Mena Bo

Handcrafted: Print on canvas, suede inner lining.

"My country has a very interesting relationship with death. My Mesoamerican ancestors saw death as part of life; existence did not end when the body died. There was an underworld separated by levels, and each level corresponded to a certain kind of death. There were also some tests that we needed to pass in order to rest our bones alongside the Gods of Death. All of this cosmogony generated traditions and changed the way we relate with each other. Until now, death is very present in our society, but maybe in some other ways. I live in a very violent country that reminds us that death and our ancestors coexist with us all the time. The illustrations I used for this design are based on Borgia's Codex. This codex explains the way to the underworld for the Mexican people (who inhabited the area where I live now). I wanted to make a reinterpretation of the codex imagery using my own style but without taking out the key symbols."

Care Instructions for Printed designs (Camino al Inframundo): to clean, use warm water and a cloth and wipe dirty area. This material is water proof and durable. Do not wet the interior part of shoe.

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