Multi Colored Sapphire Stab Choker


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It took a friendship based on a mutual interest in art, architecture and history to launch the Dubai-based fine jewelry line LX2 Studio. LX2 was found in 2017 with  designs that paid homage to ancient and modern urban landscapes in a minimalistic yet eye-catching way.

LX2 Studio has so far released two eclectic collections, designed in an Egyptian atelier, reflecting the designers’ appreciation of architecture and the stories it hides. A distinct aspect of all of their designs is revealing a deconstruction of a certain motif — not showing something as is, but elements of it. There’s more to each design than meets the eye.

We wanted to make jewelry more accessible. So, instead of getting one big piece every five years, I get small pieces that I can wear every day — and that mean something to me and have a story — every couple of months. We wanted our pieces to be timeless yet to have this small edge that you can actually wear every day.


  • one size


  • Multi colored sapphire Stab Choker
  • 18K gold stab choker adorned with multi-colored sapphires.
  • symbol of strength and stability
  • sold by piece.

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