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Rose And Amber

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Since I was a little girl, my home has been filled with fragrances and fresh scents. These scents that are part of my life are still in my mind, taking me to a place of nostalgia where time stands still for a while. Every memory is associated with a scent, a scent that reeks of an eternal memory. The intense oud that my loving father wore, the scents of cinnamon and vanilla entwined in my mother’s hair, the strong incense mixed with Arabic coffee and cardamom that adorned the room with smoke, the sandalwood staircase in my home in Canada and many more memories filled with joy and happiness.

These are all impressions in my mind. These scents include the stage of my life that makes me who I am. Rose and amber represent the passion of the past... . Its breezes take us to a happy place where beauty and elegance are eternal.

"Rose and Amber Nostalgia in a Bottle"


  • 50 ml  


  • A mixture of almond, anise and lemon aroma. A fragrance inspired by the love stories between Qais and Laila
  • Comes in presentation Box

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