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Meet the Maker / / Danya Sindi

Meet the Maker / / Danya Sindi


Q. Who is Danya Sindi?

A. Danya Sindi was on her way to becoming a doctor. She studied medicine for 3 years before changing her major to bio-medical engineering. Studying the human body and nutrition is what made her take a dive into Yoga and Teas. Hence, MaChii categorized their teas into different sections like, sleep, detox, metabolism.
 It was during a trip to Japan that she first fell in love with tea. After moving back to Saudi, she realized there wasn’t a local healthy herbal tea brand. So, she decided to start her own!

Q. How did you get inspired by your trip to Japan and how did MaChii begin?

A. When I was in Japan, I stayed in a little town that was next to the fields. I would see people pick up leaves every morning as the sun rose. The second time I went to Japan, I discovered Matcha, but it was a completely different matcha from the ones we know. So, I decided to mix both, the modern and traditional one.
I saw a big gap in the Saudi market regarding teas. So, I decided to make my own and launch them in Homegrown in 2018.


Q. What does MaChii mean?

A. Chi means the balance of energy, and Ma means mine; so that makes my balance of energy. It is a lifestyle that I want to portray.

Q. Where do you get your teas from and tell us a little bit about the tea bags?

A. We source our teas from all over the world, like Japan, India, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, China, England, and Saudi Arabia. We pick our mints from Madinah and Morocco.
Our tea bags are made of a biodegradable solion material, which means they are safe enough to eat. In, addition, the tag of our tea bags is made of food dye. Even if the tag falls into the cup, it would be safe to have.


Q. You made a mixture under the name Winter Wonderland, which was for our event “Winter Wonderland”, was that process a trial for you?

A. Yes, it was! Of course, It was an amazing experience, but my tea got stuck at the customs as everything gets admitted by the FDA. Luckily, I had a lot of samples to blend all night. I ended up making some Homegrown Market with love and passion.
I’m glad my teas made it to the event!


Q. Other than branding, what has changed in MaChii?

A. I’m working on changing the packaging, it will be more biodegradable and perfect to look at on the shelf.  

Q. What made you want to launch a website?

A. When I first started, I did want to be part of an E-commerce. I wanted to carefully study people’s preferences and make shopping easier for them. The website was a big learning curve and it took about a year and a half to create.
Despite that, we went wholesale, meaning you will find us in cafes and restaurants now.

Q. How do you find suppliers?

A. Mostly in trade shows; In places like London and Japan as well.


Q. Since your launch, do you feel like your sales have improved?

A. My customers have definitely increased from the time I started. Our best sellers in Matcha, which really makes me happy. Matcha has this quality of keeping your energy level constant; it gives a steady increase and decrease in energy instead of the rapid change you feel when drinking coffee.


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