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Meet The Maker // Sultan AlSaud

Meet The Maker // Sultan AlSaud

When/how did Galag start?

Galag started off as a rally racing team in the @gumball3000. Four years later, it turned into a clothing label by popular demand. What began as freebies for rally fans became a streetwear brand with international collaborations.

Your photoshoots are very creative. How do you manage to have such shots and pick your photographers?

In the beginning, we asked people to send us random shots. Later, we decided to distribute some pieces to a few so they can take more shots wearing Galag. You can tell if a photographer is suitable or not, by seeing how he/she works with parameters. Its always interesting when you have different types of shots on Instagram rather than identical ones. Thankfully, we were lucky enough you find the right photographer; They became part of Galag and our tours.

Did you intend to have international models in some of your photoshoots?

No, it was not done intentionally. However, most of our clients were from Europe, we are planning to shift the market to Saudi Arabia more.

Tell us more about the collaboration with Saint Valais.

Saint Valais were our team’s companions, so they suggested we work with the brand. We took their jackets, put our prints/designs, handed it to them and continued to work together. We never thought of making snow jackets, but it was a great opportunity to work with them.

 Why were some of the pieces not successful?

We had some difficulties in figuring out the marketing strategy. Each brand has a different marketing strategy depending on the product they are selling. For us, having influencers was the best approach. 

To the best of my knowledge, Galag is the only brand that created masks way before the COVID outbreak (2017). What made you start the line of masks in 2017?

Honestly, it was when I traveled to China and Korea; I noticed most of the people wearing masks because of the pollution there. It was an easy process for us to bring masks from there and design them. It turned out that those masks were the ones that helped the most in avoiding coronavirus. Surprisingly, most of our clients for masks were from China and Korea.  

 Why do you think it’s so important to collaborate?

Collaborations help you see things differently; Two minds and eyes re always better than one. Its always good to be open to opportunities and new people, because in the end, that’s how everyone started. The more collaborations, the better the environment.

 Tell us about your most recent collaborations.

We will soon collaborate with @rexchouk to make a new collection. The collection will be about incorporating his art on our pieces.

 Tell us about the concept of the drop?

Drop keeps the interactivities with the customers on going. If we just follow the collection technique, the time of that collection would be limited, and we did not want that. This helps with keeping the customers/followers excited for the next drop. 

Are drop pieces limited?

Yes, they are. 

What would your advice be to young upcoming designers?

Make the clothes you want to wear. You need to be the ambassador of your own brand.



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