The creation of GHIZLAN was made official in January 2010 by Iman Al Midfa, the Founder and Creative Director of the fashion house. The company’s signature is statement abaya wear that are made with great standards of quality and talent.


GHIZLAN started with exclusive and bespoke abaya lines; and today if offers four seasonal collection deliveries of abayas, kaftans, and luxury ready-to-wear.

The sense and style of each collection and the ideas behind the design is inspired by stories that are then embodied in color and fabric. Each season marks a new journey.

GHIZLAN: When Arabic Poetry -

 GHIZLAN, which translates to gazelles in English is a name synonymous with beauty and grace is often used in Arabic poetry to describe splendor in women.

GHIZLAN Tomorrow..

GHIZLAN aims to become one of the best sustainable fashion houses in the region. It pledges the highest ethical practices at all costs. It thrives to deliver the highest quality, while maintaining respect and understanding of our global issues.

GHIZLAN also strives to become an international house with local strong roots to shed light on some of the most beautiful artistic and design expressions from the region.