I am Alia Al Sawwaf, a Saudi Female fashion designer. I have studied Fashion Design in Paris in Studio MVL- MASTER CLASS GROUPE STUDIMV. Which is specialized in Haute Couture and qualifies the students to work in the Luxury Brands Fashion Houses.

I have dedicated all my education and knowledge to create my Couture Brand “SWAF” in my own Atelier where I can freely design various collections and bring them to life in the same place. I have produced My First Collection on 2010, and usually producing (4) Four Collections a year (Summer, Spring, Autumn &Winter Collections), each collection has 25 to 30 pieces, that makes more than a hundred pieces a year.

During my career life, I’ve worked so hard to create the current reputable image of SWAF in order to satisfy all Tastes, using unique techniques to combine our Eastern spirit with An International Fashion style that fits all styles.

I’m specialized in Haute Couture "as I’ve studied it in Paris", Light summer dresses and beach Collections, Winter Fur Coats Collections, Wedding Gowns. As well as the Red-Carpet Dresses & Gowns.

Many of the Saudi Stylists wore SWAF Fashion, such like Mrs. Aram Qabbani, as well as many Saudi Fashion Bloggers, in addition to The Famous Blogger Mrs. Maya Williams.

SWAF has dealt with Chopard, as we made a special Dress for one of Chopard’s advertisements.

Some of the Designer’s Words:

  • Once the designer begins sketching any design, then he has already started sending a message to the world informing them of who he is, what his history, and what he dreams to be.
  • Fashion has a great influence on the documentation of any historical era. We can’t write a novel or document a historical film without studying the costume worn by any people, so that we can learn about the culture of those people.


Mission Statement

In SWAF, we escalate the prominent local culture in the fashion field and direct it towards the elegant fashion.

We struggle to become international pioneers in fashion design, by supporting the local fashion industry with international specification and metrics, while maintaining our own special touch which is inherited from the tradition of our society, all that in order to obtain the utmost possible satisfaction of our valued customers.

Green Velvet Abaya


1,900.00 SR