Ninenty Nine Poetry Book

Ninety Nine

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At times, we open up and create dispositions of ourselves that we may be unfamiliar with. We find life so simple and glide effortlessly onward and upward. We never actually look at the base of what is guiding us. We overlook the true meaning of existence and how it is being directed.

However, there are the realists. The realists of miracle advocates. The entities who surrender to a greater power through no filtered lens beyond their capabilities. There is one, and only one, who we call forth by ninety-nine names. The real guide to finding what’s in the heart and not in the brain is to trust and let go.

Through these odes of love and a Higher Power, you will find true allocations of God’s attributes within you and this realm we live in. Understand it in the way you would normally. Your faith in the greater good will only denote the character you are. Read, reflect, and let it sink in. 



-Hard Cover 
-200 pages

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