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International Women's Day 2023

International Women's Day 2023
Happy Women's Day!

"Where there is a women, there is magic"

In celebration of women's day we thank all the wonderful and lovely women for their valuable contributions. Today we are celebrating women's achievements, using our voice to educate and raise awareness of women's equality and to call for positive change advancing women!

We take this opportunity to honor all women including the women who's businesses are featured below 


Rozana AlBanawiProgram Manager, Fennec  

Fennec is a theater community that turns your dreams into reality. It offers a space for you to practice and learn performing arts amongst an experienced and supportive community

On the Q&A conducted for Women's Day

1. What do you practice everyday that you can never go without?

- Praying
- A gratitude practice
- Spending time with loved ones (family or friends)
- Adopting an optimistic outlook to life
- Reflecting and being in an awareness perspective to my overall impact

2. How do you manage to balance between your career, social life, family and physical movement?

- I learned to integrate the different roles I play, they make me who I am
- I maintain a sense of presence in whatever activity I'm in
- I listen to my body and what it needs, and to be guided by my values

3. What is your purpose with Fennec ?

- My purpose with Fennec is to support the leadership & team, our objectives & larger Vision
- My stake is to embody a growth mindset that permeates to the experiences we offer
- To serve the arts and cultural agenda we set and support the guidelines that inform our work

Assia KhashogjiFounder, ACT  

ACT ( Adult and Child Therapy Center ) offers Child and Adolescent Therapy and Psychiatry, ABA Individual sessions therapy, Art therapy, play therapy, early intervention program, Speech disorders therapy for all ages and much more mental health services 

On the Q&A conducted for Women's Day

1. What do you practice everyday that you can never go without?

My mantra these days is, 'how can I show up for myself?' And the answer to this can differ on different days and times-- it's essential not to go into automatic mode of repeating the same habit or being stuck on the hamster wheel of life. The goal is to be/become active agents on our own journeys, and that means being conscious of our decisions, being open to change, and that the practice of what is best for me today might be different from yesterday-- that said, the two daily practices that help me find the answer to these questions and to live more mindfully is to meditate and journal. Even 5-10 minutes of each can be revealing, grounding, and centering (Julia Cameron's Morning Pages are a great way to start the day- I used them a long time ago and they have returned as daily practice that I currently can't do without!).

Exercise, esp. walking or finding a way to move the body and release energy, is another important practice, even for 15 mins, does wonders!

Showing and receiving affection or some sort of connection with loved ones is really important to me too-- Human connection is a vital part of a fulfilling life. I love to end my day writing or saying three things I am grateful for and they tend to vary according to the day I've had-- I'm often surprised by what comes up and that increases the sense of gratitude too; The magic of the little things and increased awareness!
There are lots of practices that ensure a more satisfactory life: time in nature, sleeping better, hydrating, not escaping into being 'busy', and staying away from toxic people/situations!

2. How do you manage to balance between your career, social life, family and physical movement?

With difficulty! heh heh. It's definitely been a lifelong journey of trying to get this balance right. I generally try everything available to me, from the practices above, to coaches, therapists, trainers, reading, asking for help, self-compassion, saying no, etc... A 'life wheel' is a useful tool to analyse the current balance, where one is in each section and where they would like to be-- It's a matter of being aware of and verbalising one's priorities and values and living accordingly. For example, if family and kids matter to me the most, yet I'm spending the majority of my time at work and out with friends- then something has to shift.

Balance is a subjective life choice, it's not what other's think is correct or the 'right amount', it's what you feel is right for you. -- Listening to our feelings and our bodies are a great way to find the answers- they always tell us the underlying truth! It's amazing what happens when we take the time and truly listen.

3. What is your purpose with ACT?

It is my passion and purpose to do what I can to ease suffering and enhance the quality of human life. I've been a psychotherapist for around 18 years; I love nothing more than meeting each person where they are in life, hearing their story, sitting with their pain or frustration, with complete acceptance and non-judgment- validating their experience, being caring and gently curious. It is often about facilitating the journey of self-discovery and self-love, overcoming obstacles and past traumas- as well as helping them find their footing, anchoring in the present, to enhance their ability to choose the future they would like to create. Who amongst us doesn't want to be fully seen, heard, and validated? It's a sacred space, and the perfect arena to pivot to a brighter future.

I'm so fortunate to have found like-minded partners to have started ACT Center with 12 years ago, and I'm very proud of all our accomplishments providing trustworthy culturally-sensitive ethical high-standard care, reducing the stigma towards mental health and seeking help, training cohorts of new therapists, psychoeducation initiatives, workshops, etc...There still is a lot of work to do with the increasing rise of mental health issues around the world, but there are so many people who genuinely want to make the world a better place and that gives me comfort and hope, and more determination to continue to strive for Act's mission.

 Dania Almaeena┃CEO, AlOula  



AlOula is a nonprofit organization, registered in the Ministry of Labor and Social Development. The Saudi organization was born in 1961 by a group of women to support the less-privileged in the south of Jeddah. Al Maaeena, AlOula’s CEO has had an extensive background in the fields of non-profits, especially on youth empowerment, event management, career counseling, management, and team building.


On the Q&A conducted for Women's Day


1. What do you practice everyday that you can never go without?


Praying is important to me, it’s my spiritual connection and an expression of love and gratitude everyday

2. How do you manage to balance between your career, social life, family and physical movement?


It’s always a challenge for me. It's just easier when you do what you love and work with special people, work becomes a lot of fun. Being part of jeddah United team also helps me in keeping active and involving your family and loved ones with what you do helps you stay connected

3.  What's your purpose with AlOula?


I feel blessed to be able to lead such an organization with a great cause in empowering the young generation of underprivileged families so they can have a better future and preparing them with 21st century skills that will enable them to be contributing members of our society and ensuring that we don’t leave anyone behind


In celebration of Women's Day we would like to give back to our loyal customers with a special discount on some of your favorite brands. Keep on inspiring!


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