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Meet The Maker // Waseem Sendi

Meet The Maker // Waseem Sendi

1. How did Diggn' It start?

My brother introduced me to beard oils which I never knew existed. So I decided to order some oils all the way from Australia but they were taking time to reach.

While I was surfing the web for some oils from different countries, I noticed we don't have a local brand that caters beards. Hence, I decided to introduce a beard oil brand in the Middle East. That's when Diggn' It was born! 

2. How was the launch of Diggn' It?

It was in March 2016. There was a soft launch, with an official Instagram account for a niche following. Following that, we had our greatest launch in May 2016 at Homegrown Market. That's when we started a YouTube channel to educate people on Diggn' it and the line of products we had. 

3. What was your marketing strategy and how did it develop?

In the beginning we didn't have a clear marketing strategy. However, we started to understand people's mindsets and created a fun campaign called Waseem Wednesdays, which was about posting my picture every Wednesday to entertain our followers.

Later, we went into in-house marketing and continued to build the brand. 

4. What are some challenges Diggn' It faced when it was starting?

We faced many challenges on our journey and overcame them. It all worked with the help of our friends and family and we learnt a lot from our customers as well.

In my opinion, the main question should be "why" you're doing what you're doing, because that is what's going to keep you moving. 

5. What are some lessons you learnt from mistakes you made?

One of the biggest mistakes I made was that I shaved my beard, I'm never going to do that again!

Most of our mistakes were related to numbers; We faced challenges understanding and forecasting supply and demand. 

6. What is Diggn' It's competitive advantage?

We focus on our core value proposition, which is aiming to have a Middle Eastern brand with products of great quality as that's our priority. Besides that, Diggn' It tries to have the best customer service without cutting corners. 

7. Share a Diggn' It highlight or special moment?

We had many! The most recent one was after COVID-19. Diggn' It's team pulled it together and worked as a strong team to overcome the pandemic's effect on the economy. 

8. How was your experience on Shark Tank?

A roller coaster ride!

It was challenging but very liberating. However, it was a great opportunity for Diggn' It. 

9. What are some important qualities one should have to develop a successful brand?

Being real, having clear goals, and an answer to why you're starting it. 


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