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Lama Alghaleb on How to Make Spirituality a Habit

Lama Alghaleb on How to Make Spirituality a Habit
I wasn't born spiritual, nor was I brought up beside sheikhs. I was just a kid in love with positivity and anything that triggers it. Motivation, inspiration, dedication... and as I searched for mediums that inspire, I found each one fell short in one way or another. 
You find an inspirational athlete or scientist and then discover their personal life was a mess, you find a great poet or artist and realize they weren't able to manage their finances or their vices. And anyways.. they didn't have all the values that make a person an idol in the true sense of the word. Then, I realized the only real idol is our Prophet (pbuh) and those that came right after him. So I started to learn from them and get inspired by them. I began learning how to unveil the treasures of the Quran and that opened a gateway of amazement! 
And so I invite you to discover the true glory of Islam. The content is superfluous everywhere so make sure you dont read or listen to anything, but for sure do something! Put the extra effort and I swear you will be rewarded by Allah almost instantaneously. 
Main 5 pieces of advice in your search for the meanings in Islam:
1- Make a routine to read Quran- use the Quran Almukhtasar which has the meanings of difficult words on the sides
2- Learn one of the names of Allah each day. That should keep you busy for 99 days! The book Innahu Allah is great and videos by Elbissan for kids are amazing.
3- Pray on time and try to pray extra. When you're feeling lazy, the follow the 5 second rule! Count down 5,4,3,2,1 and then get up! This works for working out too lol.
4. When you have thoughts that are just messing up your mind, do thikr and tasbeeh because Allah said that is how ta6ma2in alquloob! 
5. Really believe that the only one important enough to be your core, to be your life line, is Allah. Feel his presence and reach out with all your heart through Duaa. Speak to Allah and beg for his guidance, and he will guide you.


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