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Ramadan Wellness with Yogi's

Ramadan Wellness with Yogi's

By Danah Garii


We asked 5 of our favorite local yogi ladies on how to love & honor ourselves inside and out during the holy month, here’s how:


Ghalia Khaldi


1- The way you start your day, sets the tone for you. Make sure to start your day with an intention and anchor it with a joyful, mindful breath.


2- Make time to move your body before you break your fast, as it can send you into ketosis faster than usual.


3- Fasting gives us an opportunity to look inward mindfully. When we are hungry and tired, we are challenged to be patient and kind regardless of how we feel.


Yasmin Khayyat


1- Let your body be your own mentor, your own tool to grow.


2- Always move with love and ease, never by force. 


3- Never stop moving, the more you move the more you'll feel, connect and let go.


Danya Sindi


I want to give 3 wellness tips off the yoga mat, more mental ones. In the end of the day yoga is practiced on and off the mat


1- “Sometimes the fear won’t go away so you’ll have to do it afraid”


2- “There is nothing more important to growth than realising you are not the voice in your mind - you are the one who hears it”


3- “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”



Natalie Kreidieh


1- Chew Your Food

Take time to be present when breaking your fast. Chew your food several times before swallowing. It is not only important what we eat, but how we eat. Practice mindful eating! This will help you prevent overeating!


2- Eat in Color!

After soup, fill your plate with colors and textures. Plants contain different pigments, or phytonutrients, which give them their color. Different-colored plants are linked to higher levels of specific nutrients and health benefits.


3- Avoid Excess Sugar

Enjoy a fruit salad, a fruit smoothie or eat natural sugars like honey, molasses and fruits! Natural sugars are unprocessed and found in way to avoid these sugars is to eat from the earth!



Lana Nazer


1- Yoga & fasting go hand in hand. Traditionally, yoga is practiced on an empty stomach as its known to purify your body and mind as well as help you achieve a pure state of consciousness. So make the most out of this Holy month of Ramadan and include yoga as part of your daily practice.


2- Modify your yogic practice based on what feels good to you. Whether you are practicing yoga while fasting or after you break your fast, listen to how your body feels and choose a yoga practice that serves it. Yoga doesn’t always have to always be flow, remember that breath work and meditation can also be part of your yoga practice.


3- Eat Mindfully. As part of the yogic lifestyle, eating mindfully is key. While preparing your meals send love and gratitude to every item you are preparing. Break your fast gradually with some easily digestible foods & drinks and work your way up to more dense meals. While eating, be present &  make sure to chew your food & don’t forget to hydrate! 


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